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Who is Yogesh Padsala?

Yogesh Padsala is an Internet Entrepreneur, Wealth Creation Expert and Business Mentor. He also is a consultant on the areas of Digital Marketing, Prospecting, Influence & Persuation, and recruiting in the direct sales and network marketing industry today. With over 7 years of experience behind him when he speaks, people listen, act, and get results Fast.

Yogesh Runs a very successful IT Company, Global Digital Opportunities (GDO). GDO’s Digital Marketing Platform is now serving thousands of clients worldwide and impacting lives of lots of people around the world.

Life Mission of Yogesh

Yogesh is committed to live up his life as follow while he is walking on this planet earth:
“To become better and stronger person through life-long personal development. To enjoy the life to the fullest. To empower as many people as possible to achieve anything they want in their life. To become force of good and contribute to the human race with peace, love, compassion and human empowerment”.

What’s in it for you!

If you are in any MLM business or any Internet Marketing business, then yogesh can help you drive more traffic, get more prospects and sign-up more reps in your business. Discover the tips and tricks that can explode your business in our Free 90 Days Income Challenge program.

If you are looking to start a home business, supplement your current income or create Financial Freedom, yogesh is the first person to ask for guidance. The best way is to take our very successful 90 Days Income Challenge for free!

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Yogesh Padsala

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