Brain Wash Your Self…

If you want to be successful, then you need to get rid of all the crappy stuff that might be sitting in your head and which may hold you back.

Now, here is the thing. You are going to be brain washed..

The question is by whom?

If you do not take charge of your own self, then society will condition your mind. And it is better to reprogram your own mind.

Here is the technique.

When you go to bed, then listen to following audio. Put it in your phone and put on repeat mode.. and keep listening..

More repetition will  cause you sink in your subconscious.

So, here is the audio:


Again, You can download and put it in your phone and keep listening over and over…

Here is the Direct Link to Download

To Your Success,

Yogesh Padsala

4 thoughts on “Brain Wash Your Self…


    hai yogesh, thanks for your mail. ptccashsystem is not working, what happend?



    1. Yogesh Padsala Post author

      Hello Mr Rajesh,

      Nice to hear from you.. We have program.. and that is much better than PTC. and I felt that that program is not working as it was expected.. so I think lets focus on what is working..

      Thanks again for reading my blog.. and have a wonderful day..

      God bless.. Yogesh

  2. krishns kumar

    Yes, I am highly interested in online earning, and to achieve the said object
    certainly i need some guidance or help,and for which i receive lot of email
    daily. Every one is making a tall claim some one even promising moon,
    some of them having a hidden agenda to sale their stuff under the guise
    Every one trying to extract money in this way or that way, that why I am totally
    confused, to whom I should believe.
    That is why I could not take any step ,(this may prove to be a SCAM)

    1. Yogesh Padsala Post author

      Dear Friend,

      Yes I agree. If you search google as “How to make money online”, then majority of website will give you opportunities to make money as very shady way.. And yes many program is designed around the idea that how to extract money from income seeker.. and then teach that income seeker the way how he can target other income seekers and extract money from them.. I personally do not like such opportunities to make money..

      My personal experience is that.. the best way to create long time income is to “Learn some skills”.. and start rendering the services to other people.. This is not a “quick rich” idea, but again it is better than other shady programs or schemes.

      Thank you for reading my blog.. and have a wonderful day..

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