DO NOT Sell Anything on Social Media


People try to sell their products or services on Social Media, and find it is really hard to sell. So, this post will give them insights about why it is really hard to social media. And the reason is really simple as people get on to social media to just relax and hand out with their friends and stuff like that. They do not necessarily go to Social media to buy anything.

So, as a Social media marketer, you should be focusing social media as a medium of building Know-like-trust factor. Because people do business or buy stuff from the people who they know like and trust.

One of the best strategy is to first drive traffic to your capture page and acquire subscribers, and build your list first. Then you use those emails and create custom audience in Facebook or in Youtube and then provide some good content and try to build the relationship.

Thus you use social media to create that environment for your prospects, so they feel really compelled when they are ready to buy your products or services.

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