Weekly Goals: 06/06/16 – 12/06/16

Next Week Goals: 

Business: Migrate company websites to cloud server (first priority). Once that done, then I will generate 10+ (responsive) leads daily. Meaning I would have talked to those people about the importance of Attraction Marketing System (Do Goals).
Personal development: I will keep the big goals in my mind, but I will focus on moment to moment choices. I know this small small choices have massive difference in big goal achievement.
Health: Walk from work to home and vice versa. Same thing as previous week.
Spiritual: meditate daily two times at least 20 minutes. one right after wake-up and another one before going to bed. Same thing as previous week.

Last Week Goals Analysis:

Business: Target of  acquiring 50 clients was not achieved. The total number of clients I acquired was 3. I am getting way too lower than the goal. I think I keep messing up the daily activities that produces the expected results. Therefore, this week I am not going to set “Have” goals (meaning I will get 50 clients), but I will set “Be (How better I become)” goals or “Do (How much activities I do)” goals.
Personal development: Yep, choosing to stay in peak emotional state is really great. I can feel the energy throughout the day. Sometime, I still feel down, so I think I need to keep doing this things until it becomes habits.
Health: Yah, most days I walked from home to office and vice versa, even if it would be very hot outside. So, that makes me feel proud. Although, I missed one or two days, but it only happens if it would be necessary.
Spiritual: even I was tired at the night after long day of work, I did set to meditate. But I don’t think I continued for 20 minutes, because in 5 minute or so, I would have felt asleep 😉

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