Weekly Goals: 25/07/16 – 31/07/16

Next Week Goals: 

Personal development: I will ignite my intensity to win. I will work to create burning desire from just a mere desire. I will continuously focus on my goals with emotions and intensity.

Business: Testing on new strategy for social media marketing. How to acquire more clients and customers through connecting people on social media and influencing them so if they can become a paid customers or clients.

Health: Walk from work to home and vice versa. Same thing as previous week.

Spiritual: I will meditate 3 times a day. 10-20 min each time. I will become silent watcher and observe my thoughts and feelings and any other aspects on my being.

Last Week Goals Analysis:

I admit that I could not stay persistent for last 4 weeks.. But I am putting myself back up again and get going again. So from next week onward, I will share about all about goals.

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