Weekly Goals: 30/05/16 – 05/06/16

Next Week Goals: 

Business: To acquire 50 new paid clients. Learn Advanced Traffic Generation, Lead generation, Influence & Persuasion.
Personal development: To choose to be in peak performance energy All day.
Health: Walk from work to home and vice versa.
Spiritual: meditate daily two times at least 20 minutes. one right after wake-up and another one before going to bed.

Last Week Goals Analysis:

Business: Target of  acquiring 150 clients was not achieved. The total number of clients I acquired was 6. We were working on creating a new sales funnel. But that sales funnel doesn’t seem to work very well. I will send some more traffic into it to see further effectiveness of it. If it will not be working, then we will drop that. Another target to set-up credit card processing was achieved.
Personal development: Yep, choosing our response in day to day activities had impressive effect. I can see great results. Therefore, this week, I decided to practice only one choice of “Staying in highest energy level” in this week. And so far I am writing this post, I can feel massive energy and I expect it will have massive positive effect on motivating my team!
Health: Walk from work to home and vice versa. I missed few days because of circumstance. Because sometime I spent very late in the office, so it was inconvenience for my family members to wait longer, so I rode in bike.
Spiritual: meditate daily two times at least 20 minutes. I did most of the days, but I also missed few days, due to laziness! But this week, I will not let that laziness to have in me.

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